Since 2013 Staur Holding has been supporting 4Africa in its work towards improving women´s conditions in Uganda. Staur has close ties to the organization and admires the commitment to the project in Kampala.

In the slums of Uganda`s capital city, Kampala, more than one million people live under devastating conditions. Many of these people and their families migrated from their rural homes to escape poverty, only to encounter hardship and exposure to disease. The slums are exposed to malaria, tuberculosis, cholera and HIV/AIDS. Many of the residents are illiterate and information about HIV/AIDS prevention is difficult to distribute. Women are especially vulnerable under these living conditions as they often depend on their husbands to get money and food.

In 2011 Elin Zenker Aune and Mona Rege founded the organization 4Africa in Uganda. Their aim was to improve the life conditions and empower poor and HIV positive Ugandan women. The organization´s catchphrase is «Helping Ugandan Woman to help themselves» and 4Africa is now running a centre that brings to life to this mantra. Significant results have been achieved already.

Today nearly 50 woman from the slum in Kampala are trained in making high quality branded, beautiful handcrafted products in tailoring, crotchet/knitting and jewelry making. The products are sold several places in both Africa and Europe and the organization is continuously working to expand the market. The aim is to lead the organization to sustainability in 2017 and give the women long-term predictable income.

Besides getting training in handcraft, the women also get information about health care, HIV/AIDS prevention and lessons in budgeting and management.

A day care centre was initiated to take care of the women`s children while they are at work. This is an important contribution to the project, as this gives the woman time to focus on training and production.

Visit http://www.4africa.no to read more about the project and to see their beautiful, handmade collections.

Staur Holding is proud to support 4Africa.