Vision and Mission

  • To ensure long-term value for its owners and co-investors, by creating and supporting extensive enterprises through active industrial management.
  • To be engaged in companies that create enthusiasm and pride for employees and owners.
  • Establish a position as an attractive partners for co-investors. (Staur will seek co-investors on an individual basis or for portfolios with the same industrial approach.)
  • Ensure intriguing work environment, thereby attract the best available expertise and investment cases.


Sector Focus

  • Water
  • Oil & Gas services
  • Food
  • Real Estate


Utilize national and international networks to create and develop investments

Active ownership

To increase investor value in portfolio companies not only via cash and investment, but by employ internal expertise and active participation.


  • to turn around quickly
  • to establish deals ans consolidations
  • to discover market and structural potential


  • AGØ Holding AS (Gerd and Agnar Østhus)
  • Kuppelvik AS
  • Ragni Holding AS (third generation family members)
  • Mysing AS (Jon Olav Østhus)
  • Victo AS (Rolf Østhus)
  • Lilleberg, Morten
  • Staur Holding AS


Lithicon sold to FEI and became first exit in Pareto Staur Energy.
Acquired 50% of the shares in Staur Foods AS from REMA Industrier and became sole owner.
Divested Cardinal Foods AS.
Staur to divest Norsk Kylling.
Divestment of Elotec AS and part-divestment of Cardinal Foods ASA.
Buy out of Norsk Kylling AS (with ReitanGruppen) from Cardinal Foods ASA.
Inception of Pareto Staur Energy.
Divestment of Norsk Kylling Eiendom II AS.
Acquired Tolgameieriet from Tine.
Strategic acquisitions of acreage for Fram Exploration AS.
Inception of Drilling Technologies Ltd.
Bought out partner from EBO Eiendom AS.
First investment made in Fram Exploration AS.
Divestment of ResLab, Reservoir Laboratories AS. Divestment of 10% of Rixport Sia.
Initial investment in Aqualyng AS, which later was made a part of Aqualyng Holding AS.
Staur Foods AS was incepted in joint venture with ReitanGruppen.
The family members individual investments, such as ResLab, Reservoir Laboratories AS and investments in real estate, was reorganised to be a part of Staur, and Staur got its current form.
Staur sold 100% of its shares in Norsk Kylling AS to Cardinal Foods AS, and reinvested the proceeds in Cardinal as an integrated part of the transaction.
Incorporated as Norsk Kylling AS, which later became a holding company.
The company developed brick by brick what later became the leading player in poultry in Norway.
The family members invested individually in different projects, that later was transferred to the Company.
Staur was Established in Soknedal, Norway.