Staur Private Equity

Aqualyng Holding AS

Aqualyng is global leader in the international desalination market. With a range of successful, state of the art products and services, the company delivers fresh water- whenever and wherever needed. In the relatively short span of time since 1998, Aqualyng have garnered an excellent industry reputation for delivering desalination plants for production of all qualities of water.


Petricore is a company registered in Great Britain with operations in South and Central America, US and the Middle East. Petricore focuses on mud-logging, core analysis and drilling materials. The company was founded by some of the same managers running Reservoir Laboratories, a successful business developed and funded by among others Staur, which was sold to Weatherford in 2007.

Fram Exploration

Using sophisticated analytical and modeling tools to locate commercial oil and gas reserves others have overlooked, the Company has focused, from a geoscience perspective, on assets that are undervalued or under-evaluated in regions with stable political regimes and at attractive fiscal terms. With registered offices in Trondheim and executive offices Colorado, Fram is an international oil and gas exploration and production company with assets onshore in Colorado and North Dakota, and is actively reviewing additional opportunities in other locations.

Staur Foods

Staur Foods is a leading producer of dry and baked products for the Norwegian and Swedish retail market. The company runs its operations from Tolga Næringspark, an innovative and modern production plant located in the centre of Norway.

Nordic Group International AS

Nordic Group International is an importer of rice and noodles to the Norwegian retail market.

Acona AS

Acona is one of the largest independent companies in Norway providing consultancy services within the area of Well Operations, Drilling, Risk, HSE, Flow Analysis and Emergency Response. Acona is the result of a series of mergers of companies providing niche competence services to the oil and gas industry in Norway since 1987, culminating with the acquisition of Fraser Offshore, a UK based Well Management Company, in 2012. Staur`s ownership is through Pareto Staur Energy.

West Indian Energy Company

West Indian Energy Ltd (“West Indian”) is a company with ownership in three oil fields in Trinidad (Inniss Trinity, South Erin and Cory Moruga). The Company’s strategy is to invest in existing, on-shore fields in Trinidad with a high probability of increased oil production. West Indian has a skilled management located in Trinidad, capital for drilling as well as advanced technology solutions to improve the hit rate/oil recovery. Staur`s ownership is through Pareto Staur Energy.

Staur Eiendom (Real Estate)

Staur Eiendom AS

Staur Eiendom is the parent company for all operations and companies where Staur Holding is primarily involved in real estate activities. The company`s vision is to purchase, develop and sell property.

Staur Holding AS owns 100 %.

Kastbrekka Eiendom AS

Kastbrekka Eiendom is an industry complex with 1,300 sqm freeze storage and 4,000 sqm area arranged for food and water processing. The land plot is 1,36 hectares and is under transformation into a residential property.

Staur Eiendom AS owns 50 %.

Tolga Næringspark AS

Tolga Næringspark is former TINE dairy at Tolga. This is a 7,500 sqm modern and well maintained facilities with Staur Foods AS as the major tenant.

Staur Eiendom AS owns 50 %.

Industriveien Oppdal AS

Industriveien Oppdal has two industrial properties (3,100 sqm) where Elotec AS is tenant. Staur Eiendom AS owns 100 %.

Rixport Sia

Rixport – Riga Airport Business Park – totally integrated multifunctional business park located directly in front of Riga International Airport (“RIX”). The Business Park is planned to be developed over the next 15-20 years and will comprise:

  • Hotels – around 600 rooms in total in a number of development stages
  • Exhibition Centre – up to 40,000 m²
  • Convention Centre – events for 3,000 – 5,000 people.
  • Office buildings – A class offices of more than 150,000 m²
  • Parking for more than 7,000 vehicles
  • Total building volume of the Business Park 300,000 m² on a plot of 25 ha
  • Riga AirportBusinessPark (“Rixport”) will take advantage of the outstanding location, great visibility and excellent frontage to Riga International Airport and the main access road to it.

Staur Eiendom AS owns 18 % and EBO Invest AS owns 72%

EBO Eiendom AS

EBO Eiendom has since 1993 bought and developed more than 100,000 sqm of real estate, which now are sold. EBO Eiendom manages commercial properties, mainly in the centre of Trondheim and has several development projects in subsidiaries.

Staur Eiendom AS owns 100 %.